About the residents association de Oude en de Nieuwe Delf

The resident's association “Belangenvereniging Oude en Nieuwe Delf’ (OND) is an interest group of people living and working in the old city centre of Delft  with typical protected Dutch heritage like canals and a wealth of historical buildings. Our asscociation covers roughly the area between de Wateringsevest,  Phoenixstraat and Zuidwal, including the canals Koornmarkt /Voorstraat/Kolk/Noordeinde/Oude Delft. Our main concern  is preserving and improving the quality of the urban environment for people living and working in this area.

Topics that are discussed are for example parking policies, effects of bars, cafés, restaurants and events for inhabitants, new urban developments. Often we do this in cooperation with the two other resident’s associations in the city centre ‘Binnenstad Noord’ and ‘Zuidpoort’.

We also try to influence new and improve existing municipal policies by attending meetings, visiting network events, putting issues on the agenda and by  informing political parties. Three or four times a year we issue a digital newsletter to inform you about the latest developments.  Last, but nog least we also try to improve the contacts between the inhabitants of the area. We do this by regularly organising informal meetings for our members.
If you want to become a member, please send an email to info@grachtengebieddelft.nl or use the ‘lid worden’ button on this website. The basic fee for membership is € 10 a year, and € 2,50 for a second household member. The fee for companies is € 25. You can also use this email adress if you have any questions about issues in which OND is involved or if you want to share ideas with us. We hope to meet you soon!